Nicolas has a long experience in managing strategic projects of European scale. Across his various roles, staff, peers, executive management and customers have recognised his leadership, negotiation and management skills.

Discover a subset of his customers and find out what former colleagues and customers say about him.

Nicolas is an experienced, well known and respected executive in the payments industry. His fluency in several languages is a differentiating skill which enables him to connect quickly and deepen the business relationship with colleagues, partners, clients and service providers in many markets. I have known him for several years and he has always shown strong leadership capability and strategic thinking. For me, it has always been a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyone. 

Carmen Carnero , Deputy General Manager - Technology, Operations and Fraud at Sistema de Tarjetas y Medios de Pago (STMP)

Nicolas is besides a good project manager the most talented people manager I’ve ever met. He’s focused on the team objectives but never forgets the human interests of his people. He has always kept his word, I could build on him as my ‘counterparty’ on business side. He’s a great pleasure to work with! 

Inge Clerx , Project coördinator Distribution Office at Belfius

When it comes to our product roadmap, there are always more opportunities than there is capacity to deliver. So informed choices must be made. We hired Nicolas to help us analyze the various opportunities we had identified, both in terms of product types and geographies, in order to define our development priorities. His expertise and the fact that he was external ensured that we would benefit of a neutral and professional perspective.

Adam Lee, Chief Product Officer at Boku Inc.

What comes to mind reflecting on Nicolas is: determination in managing complex issues, tremendous work power, and naturally the sense of humour that is the trademark of a very social person. Nicolas thrives in a multicultural and changing environment. He has proven his ability to adapt to multiple key functions in the company, attracting attention and praise from clients as well as from senior management and colleagues. 

Denis Lellouche , Vice President at Visa Europe

In late 2016 AirPlus acquired BCC Corporate, a mid-size issuer of Corporate Cards. Nicolas was introduced to us to manage the transition period beteeen signing and closing and to then become the General Manager After-Market of BCC. We have been delighted to have selected him. His multi-cultural background, his people skills at all levels (top, peers, reports), his problem-solving capabilities and his strong experience in payment cards have all been instrumental to a succesful integration of BCC into AirPlus. The groundwork is now set and it is time for him to move on. I wish him a lot of success and maybe some further cooperation with AirPlus in the near future. 

Patrick W. Diemer , Former CEO AirPlus International

After having worked closely with Nicolas Ancot for nearly three years, I am pleased to recommend him as a young and dynamic marketing executive. I put Nicolas in charge of one of Visa’s most strategic and complex projects. He did a great job. He showed great strategic thinking, and perseverance in bringing the project forward. His presentation and communication skills with senior management both internally and with our customers were exemplary. He has a rare talent for synthesising complex issues down to their essentials and communicating them succinctly. Most importantly, Nicolas invests huge energy in making his undertakings successful. 

Jon Prideaux , CEO at Boku, Inc.

At NPS, we were facing a situation around a specific card product that required an innovative approach but had to take into account important constraints of the legacy IT. Nicolas’ analysis of the situation identified an optimal path allowing us to combine legacy and innovation while reducing significantly our time to market.

Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, CEO of Natixis Payments Solutions

I have been fortunate to work with Nicolas over a longer period of time and have appreciated his leadership, teamwork and solid strategic insight. He is able to adapt to the challenging conditions of his job whilst holding responsibilities at a European level. And very important, Nicolas is able to think ‘out of the box’ in order to solve issues and… keep a good sense of humor. 

Chris De Smet , DE SMET Holding, owner

Nicolas is a result oriented person. He is very able to obtain the hoped results also in difficult conditions. I’ve really appreciate his capability to work under pression. 

Emiliano Anzellotti , Senior Expert at ABI Lab (Italian Banking Association)