Consultancy Services

With Management 15, you hire an Expert who will recommend the best solution for your business.

Temporary Management

With Management 15, you hire a Leader who will drive the execution of your project.


Mergers, acquisitions, strategic reorientations: Management 15 specialises in leading strategic projects in the ever changing area of payments.

Electronic Invoicing

Management 15 will share the valuable experience from Italy, the first market to mandate business-to-business e-invoicing.

Who is Management 15?

Management 15 is fully operated by Nicolas Ancot.

Nicolas has a long experience in managing strategic projects of European scale creating the new business lines of strategic importance for the future growth of companies in the payments and e-invoicing sectors.

Across his various roles, staff, peers, executive management and customers have recognised his leadership, negotiation and management skills.

Why Management 15?

“Management” refers to the fact that we offer Management Services to C-level Executives.

“15” refers to our values, that originate from rugby.

Clients and References

Discover a subset of Management 15 customers and what former colleagues and customers have to say.

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